Do you set the thermostat in October, and rarely make an adjustment until summer finally returns to Chicago, IL?  Do you forget filter changes and maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner?  You probably aren’t managing your comfort, energy consumption, and the operation of your heating/cooling equipment to its fullest potential.  One of the most cost-effective and simple improvements you can make is to upgrade to a smart thermostat.  Automating setbacks, learning capability, energy saving tips, energy tracking, reminders, and access to settings from virtually anywhere, are just a few of the benefits.  Contact the professionals from Green Air Care, and we’ll match your lifestyle and HVAC system to the ideal control unit.

Expert WiFi Thermostat Installations & Maintenance

Streamlined, attractive, and user-friendly, a WiFi Thermostat not only trims monthly costs, but optimizes comfort and adds convenience to your life.  There are a wide selection of innovative options on the market with a range of features and advantages.  Taking the time to learn your priorities, concerns, and goals, the specialists from Green Air Care provide the knowledgeable information and recommendations to ensure a rewarding choice.  We handle seamless installation, without mess or damage, and familiarize you with setup, operation, and features.  Let Green Air Care put you in superior control over your indoor climate with professional, reliable, and high quality service across Buffalo Grove, Wheeling & Chicago, IL.