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When is it time to replace your furnace? Green Air Care has answered that exact question many times. Due to the severity and length of local winters in Chicagoland, it’s important to be prepared and proactive. It’s best not to wait until the heating system fails entirely. You don’t want to be rushing into furnace installation in the middle of a January blizzard. Let Green Air Care help you avoid disaster and enjoy the many benefits of modern heating technology.

Furnace Replacement in Chicagoland

Meeting the strenuous qualifications of a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Green Air Care offers unmatched AFUE ratings, advanced features, and outstanding warranties. Intelligent operation automatically adjusts capacity to the requirements of the indoor space, maintaining a more consistent temperature, lessening concerns with insufficient humidity, and optimizing energy efficiency. When we install a new furnace, you enjoy far superior comfort and reliability while paying much lower monthly bills.

Is it time to Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Give Green Air Care a call at (888) 363-5798 for a free estimate anywhere across Buffalo Grove, Elgin, Round Lake, Lake Zurich, Highland Park, Wheeling, Schaumburg, and Chicago, IL. Our NATE-certified professionals are happy to evaluate the furnace, supply honest insight into the expected lifespan and explain available options. We want you to feel totally confident in your decisions and completely satisfied with the outcome. We Care About Your Air.

Here are a few indications that your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan:

  • It’s more than 15 to 20 years old – Even if the system still runs, efficiency has certainly diminished. Plus, today’s systems offer much higher AFUE ratings.
  • It’s making you sick – If anyone in the household is experiencing frequent headaches or flu-like symptoms, contaminated air from the furnace might be to blame.
  • High heating bills – Outdated systems don’t provide as much heated air and are forced to run longer and use more energy.
  • Odd noises – While squealing, clicking, grinding or popping sounds are typically an easy repair, older furnaces aren’t always worth the investment.
  • Color of pilot flame – A vibrant, bright blue flame is ideal. Weak, wavy, flickering flames or a change in color (often yellow) is an indication of a safety risk and should be checked out immediately.
    Insufficient humidity – When the furnace runs for longer cycles, it can cause concerns with overly dry air.
  • Unsatisfactory comfort – Rooms that are warm while others are cold can be due to a failing furnace.
  • Frequent repairs – The cost of minor services add up quickly. Think carefully before repairing an older furnace. A new model will not only operate more reliably and cost less to run but be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
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