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If you’re wondering whether a heat pump or gas furnace is right for you, which one is more energy efficient and the best choice for ideal comfort, Green Air Care is where you find answers. With locations in Buffalo Grove, Naperville, and Chicago, we’re familiar with the challenges of the most severe weather and how to effectively, reliably, and affordably handle temperature control. Give us a call at 888-422-6899 for insight, information, and installation today!

At Green Air Care, we focus on the specifics of your home, lifestyle, and goals. By personalizing our recommendations, we ensure satisfying outcomes. Here are some facts about heat pumps and gas furnaces:

  • Energy efficiency – Because electric heat pumps move existing heat rather than create it, they supply more heating than the energy they use. In ideal conditions, the output is greater than 100% efficiency. The system can transfer 300% more energy than it draws and provides both heating and cooling. A high-efficiency gas furnace achieves up to a 98.5% AFUE rating.
  • Installation cost – The home’s existing system and compatibility affect the overall installation cost of a furnace, heat pump or dual fuel system. For example, whether or not the home has access to natural gas or is wired for supplemental heating makes a difference. Green Air Care is a knowledgeable resource and is happy to help determine the best choice for your residence.
  • Extreme weather effectiveness – When the outdoor temperature falls below freezing, a heat pump struggles to generate sufficient heat to keep the home perfectly warm. By burning fuel, a gas furnace is capable of generating plenty of heat on the coldest days. A dual-fuel system handles year-round weather conditions, offering the benefits of both types of systems.
  • Dual fuel system – The combination of a heat pump and gas heat allows homeowners to take advantage of either system, depending on which is most effective and efficient. The heat pump handles cooling and operates during milder temperatures, significantly trimming costs. When the temperature drops, the furnace automatically takes over. Dual fuel or hybrid heating is a great choice for extreme weather across Buffalo Grove, Elgin, Round Lake, Lake Zurich, Highland Park, Wheeling, Schaumburg, and Chicago, IL.

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