Trash Chute Cleaning Service in Chicago, IL

For trash chute cleaning, repair, and odor removal in Chicagoland, Green Air Care provides proven results.  Established in 2001, we’ve seen the unpleasant, costly, and even hazardous consequences of neglected trash chutes.  Over our years of service, we’ve developed an effective process to eliminate foul smells, contaminants, and the accumulation of both wet and dry garbage and debris within the chute.  Our specialized technicians start by degreasing and disinfecting the interior of the chute.  Advanced cleaning equipment ensures thorough rinsing and elimination of grime, debris, and stubborn particles.  Green Air Care then inspects and disinfects the chute doors on each floor of the building.  We take the extra step to also clean the garbage room floor, bin, and/or garbage compactor, making sure all grime and stains are properly removed.  At the completion of the project, a final deodorizing agent is released down the chute to ensure lasting odor removal.  We take the time to do the job right, and create a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more enjoyable indoor environment.

Avoid excess bacteria with professional trash chute cleaning!

People are often careless, hurried, or even negligent when it comes to getting rid of their trash.  Not everything is properly bagged, and nothing is handled with care.  The results can be a filthy, smelly, and disgusting mess.  When flimsy, oversized, or overstressed garbage bags are stuffed down the chute, they often split or tear.  Wet garbage will then adhere to the inner walls, creating a sticky surface that catches dry garbage.  This accumulation shortens the service life of the system, leads to nasty smells, and creates a fire hazard.  Neglected trash chutes are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and also encourage insects and vermin.  When you count on Green Air Care to handle the service of your trash chute, our specialized method of cleaning and sanitation provides immediate and lasting results.  Our process cleans, deodorizes, and is environmentally safe.

Green Air Care has you covered not only with HVAC services, but also trash chute cleaning services!

Take advantage of our commitment to excellence, and enjoy flexible appointment times, organized project management, and timely completion.  Give us a call at (888) 363-5798 for a free quote on chute cleaning in your complex or building.  Businesses across Buffalo Grove, Elgin, Round Lake, Lake Zurich, Highland Park, Wheeling, Schaumburg, Chicago, IL and the Surrounding Area turn to Green Air Care for professional, reliable, high quality service.

Some of the benefits of trash chute cleaning from Green Air Care include:

  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Ensures healthier air quality
  • Reduces fire risks
  • Fewer problems with rodents and insects
  • Removes garbage buildup
  • Safeguards against bacteria and viruses
  • Increases service life of chute, compactor, and bin
  • Identifies any problems with chute intake and discharge doors
  • Free estimates
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Courteous, efficient, and effective service

Trash Chute Cleaning Service ∴ Chicago, IL