Are you neglecting the important upkeep of your trash chute? Without regular cleaning and repair, you’re faced with costly, odorous, and potentially hazardous problems. Turn to 12 years of proven experience for swift and satisfying results. When you call Green Air Care at (888) 363-5798, we do the job right. We combine effective protocols with specialized tools to deliver outstanding results across Chicagoland.  

Avoid excess bacteria with professional trash chute cleaning!

Eliminating the buildup of both wet and dry debris clogging the chute promotes more efficient performance. We further provide degreasing and disinfection of the interior as well as the doors on each floor of the building. Our comprehensive services include cleaning of the garbage room floor, compactor/bin, and stain removal. We finish with the final step of deodorizing the chute. Our goal is to deliver immediate and long-term benefits. 

A clean, safe and pleasant smelling trash chute area reflects on your business. It’s not unusual for spillage, oversized items, negligence, and torn bags to create a problematic mess. Garbage often adheres to the inner walls. Surfaces become sticky and attract insects and vermin. The situation steadily worsens when ignored. 

Green Air Care has you covered not only with HVAC services but also trash chute cleaning services!

Green Air Care is here to help. We take this task off your to-do list and ensure confidence. There are no more unpleasant surprises. Our professionals provide the conscientious workmanship that increases the service life of the chute, compactor, and bin. We catch any concerns with chute intake and discharge doors and keep all components working properly. Start with a free quote and take advantage of environmentally safe trash chute cleaning and upkeep services across Buffalo Grove, Elgin, Round Lake, Lake Zurich, Highland Park, Wheeling, Schaumburg, and Chicago, IL. 

Trash Chute Disinfecting Service Naperville, IL & Trash Chute Cleaning Service Schaumburg, IL

Trash Chute Cleaning Service & Trash Chute Disinfecting Service Chicago, IL, Schaumburg, IL, Round Lake, IL, Elgin, IL, Lake Zurich, IL & Naperville, IL

Trash Chute Cleaning ServiceTrash Chute Disinfecting Service ∴ Elgin, IL ∴ Wheeling, IL ∴ Naperville, IL

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