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Green Air Care provides homeowners with the UV-C Germicidal Air Purifiers, the best air quality solution to date. Our high quality ultraviolet air purifiers use germicidal UV light in your HVAC system to enhance quality of life by creating a healthier indoor environment. Green Air Care offers UV Light Model: 4900UVZ and Replacement Bulb Model: GACUV500.


Green Air Care UV-Light Induct System

Uv-lightOur UV disinfecting system, remove microorganisms from your home by literally sterilize the air using UV light. UVC eliminates germs, mold, viruses, bacteria and fungi from the air in homes, offices and commercial buildings, ensuring a higher indoor air quality and a safe environment for your family and employees.

UV light has been proven to effectively disinfect air, surfaces and water and has been already creating safe environment in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and homes around the world. UV air cleaners can help your family, students or employees live, work or study in healthier environment, especially if any of them suffer from allergy, asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Although most filters capture dust, mold particles, mold spores and pollen, some viruses and bacteria are too small for them. If you are a health conscious person and have a concern with the indoor air quality of your home or public facility, the UV cleansing solution is the right solution for you. Only the UV air cleaners can effectively remove the microbes from the indoor air.

As a result, Green Air Care is committed to provide it’s customers with the best solution on the market and guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction on all UVC systems and disinfection products.

How does it Work:

UV rays (ultraviolet light) is naturally generated by the sun, and is part of the light spectrum. The light spectrum includes radio waves, infrared, visible light, UV, x-rays, gamma rays, and cosmic rays (listed from long wavelength at the top to shorter wavelengths going down). Most light sources actually generate some UV.

Caution: Unintentional overexposure to UV-C causes skin redness and eye irritation, but does not cause skin cancer or cataracts. In addition our system are safely concealed. The UV system eliminate hazards and yet keep your family completely isolated from it’s direct light.

Germs that transmit infections, cause allergies, trigger asthma or other unhealthy side effects, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and spores, can be killed using germicidal ultraviolet (UV of 253.7 nanometers wavelength). The UV light destroys the DNA of these microbial contaminants, and if the microbes are irradiated with enough dosage, they are no longer able to reproduce and will disappear from the indoor environment over time.

HVAC systems, more specifically the coils and air ducts, can be breeding grounds for countless toxic, pathogenic, and allergenic contaminants. UV light helps improve indoor air quality, leading to a healthier indoor environment and cleaner HVAC system. Your HVAC system will perform better, and you can even save on medical expenses, electrical and maintenance bills, and relieve suffering from allergies, asthma, headaches, and other respiratory problems caused by indoor microbial contamination. Our innovative UV systems protect your home for the long term.

We, at Green Air Care, strongly believe that with the growing concern for healthy indoor environment, many homes, offices, schools, commercial buildings and medical facilities will be effected by the growing popularity UV technology. This efficient and effective solution will eventually reach everyone.

Call us to learn more and have our professional team come out and show you the benefits of installing an Air Duct HVAC UV Light System in your office or home.

UV Light Model: 4900UVZ Replacement Bulb Model: GACUV500

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